How To Stay Healthy And Fit At Work

Every third employee in Germany feels overwhelmed. What a life this is for a working person!

Many Germans endanger their health because of high workload. According to a study, more than 40 percent complain about constantly increasing pressure, almost a quarter of full-time employees do not take breaks. It cannot and must not go on like this! Many work themselves up and the ones who suffer are on the one hand the employees who sacrifice their health and of course the companies who are affected by high sickness rates and associated additional costs! And the consequences are serious!

An important question that we should ask ourselves is, “What actually causes illness?

There is so much starting with stress, mobbing at work, unresolved conflicts, quarrels with colleagues, envy, resentment, anger, lack of motivation, bossing, constant overtime and overtime, no regular breaks, no time to eat and drink, constant pressure to perform and the fear of failure, wage dumping and much more make us sick and destroy our lives! Companies and firms have to rethink as soon as possible to stop these negative developments! Therefore it is time to act and to analyse all the factors causing illness and to develop possible solutions! This is only possible together if the management as well as the employees and the staff work hand in hand, because health concerns us all!

Occupational health management, a possible approach to remedy could create…

Workplace health management or training, coaching and workshops on health in the workplace can help employees and managers to stay healthy and vital in the workplace. But the best thing is if you as an entrepreneur, company owner or managing director take the first step and install a company health management system in your company, health at work concerns us all! We have only one health, therefore the question arises for each individual, how do I stay healthy?

My tips for more health in the workplace:

Offer sports opportunities for all your employees:

Exercise and sport promote health, strengthen cohesion and togetherness. Take an example from companies that provide a company team, participate in company sports events or have their own fitness area in the company. Alternatively, you can offer your employees, co-workers and managers cooperation with local gyms or clubs at reduced membership rates. Just ask there, many studios and clubs offer special memberships and conditions for companies and their employees!

Healthy food:

A good and balanced diet keeps you healthy and gives you strength! Do you have a canteen in your company? Then work out a concept for a healthy diet together with the kitchen staff. Most people love good food. With the knowledge of healthy nutrition, they can try out many delicious and healthy recipes. So give your employees the opportunity to cook and prepare meals together! Make fresh fruit, water and juices available to your employees free of charge!

Regulated working hours, clear regulations for overtime and overtime!

Regulate the working hours for your employees and your staff, set an upper limit for overtime and overtime – with too many overtime it’s time to think about more staff! Too little personnel and too much overtime frustrates the employees and makes them sick in the long run! The resulting sickness rates and the associated high operating costs are usually many times higher than the costs for new personnel! Also think about flexible working time models such as flexitime, home office, various full-time and part-time models for employees with children and family!

Small breaks keep you healthy!

Small and regular breaks during work keep you healthy and give you the opportunity to regenerate. Thus you grant your body and your brain a small recovery phase. Get up, relax, open the windows, relax! Give your employees in the company the chance to take a little time out during work! You’ll see the small regeneration phases and breaks work wonders for all your employees! So give them the chance to relax and encourage them to take a break during working hours!

Ensure sufficient sleep and rest!

Sleep and recovery are very important for you to have healthy employees. Educate your employees about health by training them so that they learn to take care of themselves and their health both at work and in their free time and throughout their lives! They will be grateful because you give each one of them the feeling that you care about them and their health and well-being!

Create a forum for exchange about health in the workplace!

Create a forum, with regular exchange, as a kind of working group, composed of leaders and staff, who are trained as health experts with the help of a coach. Later, they meet regularly at least once a week and take care of all health issues in the workplace!

Participation, active participation and co-determination work wonders and you will quickly recognize positive changes in your company and in your employees!

Do you have tips and tricks to stay healthy, vital and fit at work?

I am looking forward to your answers to the topic “How do I stay healthy” ? Have you ever dealt with the topic of health at work? Whether as an employee in a company, as an entrepreneur or perhaps you even offer company health prevention yourself? Anyway, I am inclined and look forward to your comments, personal experiences, opinions, tips, tricks, methods and additions to the topic, how to stay healthy, vital and fit at work!