What is Lang Charters – business meet paradise?

Lang Charters is more than a blog, more than a website and above all much more than a portal!

Lang Charters is pure joie de vivre, wellness feeling and absolutely relaxed information. That is already in the name. That’s what it’s all about. At Lang Charters, business meets paradise – our life and attitude to life meet our job. We simply try to combine both.

Lang Charters is not only wellness because that would be boring!

Lang Charters stands for Wellbeing Life & Travel – fun, enjoyment, wellness, spa, fitness, healthness, selfness, business (sometimes different), excitement and relaxation – all this is united in the Lang Charters concept… and much more!

The Lang Charters Magazine – Wellbeing Life & Travel

The Lang Charters magazine provides tips and recommendations for relaxation, well-being and enjoyment in everyday life. It presents travel trends (from slow travel to micro adventures), wellness and fitness trends, favourite hotels, regions, recipes, holiday destinations, lifestyle, much to do with health and sustainability – everything that makes our lives varied and enjoyable and also concerns us in our everyday lives is very important to us.

By the way, our readers have the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the Mediaplan. Just tell us what you are interested in, ask us questions and send our editors into tricky and perhaps curious challenges.

The Lang Charters feel-good card

Our heart beats for exceptional hostels. Right on the Lang Charters home page you will find our Lang Charters feel-good card. Click on the little flags to go directly to selected hotels. But hotels are not simply listed and presented on the map and above all in the detailed detail entry. These hotels are especially… be it extraordinary, relaxed, with a special design, in a special location or with a special offer.

And because these hotels are simply so special and will certainly whet the appetite of many readers for more, there is also the option of making a direct enquiry to the hotel in the detail entry. Whether for a romantic weekend, a break from everyday life, a family holiday, a short holiday with your best friend, a weekend trip or or or or…

All hotels and hostels that you can discover on the map have always been visited and checked by us personally. So if you have special questions or wishes, need tips and recommendations or help with a travel idea, we will be happy to help you with words and deeds. Are you missing a special hotel on our map? Or do you have a hint which hotel we should have a look at? Then please give us your recommendations because, as I said, our heart beats for extraordinary hostels and there is certainly still a lot for us to discover!

Lang Charters Wellbeing Blogger Life & Travel

Lang Charters is more than a blog so far so good. But a lot of blog and above all a passion for blogging and blogger heart blood is of course in Lang Charters. That’s why our editorial team consists of passionate bloggers. And also from the detailed entries we link real experience reports from enchanting and honest blogger colleagues. Why?

Bloggers simply write differently. The blogger style is honest and authentic. Bloggers take you on a journey via social media channels. We’ve been addicted to pictures and postings for a long time, and it’s not uncommon for our wanderlust to seize us when we click our way through the channels.

That’s why we’ve organized, implemented and planned complete blogger events ourselves in the past. And we want to keep it that way for the future and of course we want to expand it a lot.

But as bloggers we don’t just write here on Lang Charters. We give workshops, advise hotels, destinations and travel destinations on the subject of blogger relations.

And YES here you can book us for such advice, planning and implementation!

The Lang Charters Pleasure Club

First of all, the Lang Charters Genuss Club is completely free of charge and without any obligations.

The motto here also means much more to lean back and relax – business meets paradise. But it’s worth it… because the Lang Charters Pleasure Club regularly offers exciting and relaxed information, specials on the topics of wellness, health, lifestyle and beauty, competitions, raffles, participation specials, special offers, e.g. for short holidays or wellness days and much more. Always applies naturally everyone can, nobody must… simply plug in where your interest lies.