Furnishing Styles at a Glance

Classic. Minimalist. Nordic: There is an abundance of furnishing styles. But how do you actually recognize the different types and which elements belong to the respective style? And of course the question remains: Which furnishing style best suits a self? We inform you about these different design models!

Living in a classic style

The classic furnishing style is timeless, elegant and above all always beautifully aesthetically designed. Curtains, elegant sofa corners, high-quality carpets and chests of drawers, wardrobes or chairs worked out with attention to detail and unique accessories such as paintings, flowers and lamps belong to this type of living, which still has many followers today. Classical living rooms primarily rely on neutral, rather light colours in beige, cream, brown or grey. In many cases, antique furniture also finds its place in classically designed houses – in the case of classic furnishings, perfectly finished in terms of woods and posters.

Such a design is timeless in the sense that the furniture is designed to withstand any trend that comes onto the market for a few years. Even current theme worlds or trend colours usually have no place here.

Rustic in country house style

We rightly combine the country house style with a rustic, cosy interior that lavishly integrates wood as a material. In its origins, the term itself means a residential house constructed with natural materials that clearly stands out from classic city villas or today’s detached houses. At the beginning of the 19th century, wealthy families lived with their employees in the large country houses to spend the summers near the city.

In the 1920s the country house was replaced by the more functionally built single-family houses as we know them today. What has remained is the design trend that reflects the lifestyle of the time. But: country house style is not the same as country house style!

German country house style

When we name the German country house style, we actually mean interior furnishings with a rural flair, which dates back to the time of manor houses and half-timbered buildings. Rustic country furniture, often made of soft wood, creates a special atmosphere together with straw baskets for firewood, potatoes or apples, fragrant bouquets of flowers and materials from the forest or red patterned upholstery and textiles.

Country Style

The country style is the American variant of the country house style, which reminds us of large farms in the country with terraces and wooden rocking chairs placed in front of the entrance. The interior design includes comfortable upholstered furniture, which is often decorated with checks or patterns.

A characteristic feature is that the furniture does not necessarily have to fit together, but can seem as if it has been thrown together wildly. Because the furniture originally found its place in the house through the benefits it should have – less because of its design. The country style reminds us a little of vintage furniture and is often combined with it here as well.

Cottage style

This particularly cosy variation of the country house style comes directly from Great Britain. The so-called Cottages are small country houses in the United Kingdom, which are rather low built and made of coarse natural stone. Also characteristic is the integration of dark wood, velvety upholstery and textiles as well as unplastered or plain white plastered brickwork inside. Playful furniture, floral motifs and animal motifs are often used here.

Nordic style

Basically, this style has become so popular that it is no longer perceived as a variant of the country house design. Many contemporary residential buildings have the Nordic country house style, whether it is Norway, Sweden or Denmark.

With its bright colours, geometric patterns, clear lines and minimalist appearance, it is enchantingly simple and beautiful at the same time without frills or gimmicks. And basically this style is more a lifestyle than just an interior design variation. The Nordic style also focuses primarily on wood design – which, despite its simplicity, makes it so beautifully cosy.

Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic furnishing style is currently very much in vogue. Mostly white furniture, which looks clearly worn, characterises the style, which with its romantic, almost morbid flair is reminiscent of earlier epochs. The furniture can either be made by yourself or bought in the shops. Anyone who wants to get their hands on it can buy an old piece of furniture in a second-hand shop and coat it with a thin layer of lacquer.

The corners, edges and some surfaces should then be sanded with emery paper so that it looks worn. Light curtains, bright cushions and plaids, filigree flowers such as roses and lanterns or candles, which conjure up a cosy and charming flair in the living room, go well with this.

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